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Edible oil production, biodiesel,
green diesel and waxes

Solfina has solutions for industries producing oil, biodiesel and green diesel, waxes and paraffin.

Three benefits in refineries and in production

Cut costs
In times when oil prices are low every cent counts. Our products and processes significantly reduce production costs.
Save resources
Using our products in bio diesel production, dispenses the need for water washing. This means that no drying and no wastewater treatment is needed.
Maximise quality
Adsorber-based magnesium silicates ensure the consistently highest quality of your end product. Thus raising productivity and efficiency.
Oil mills and
oil manufacturer

Fats as well as oils are important flavour carriers in every cuisine. For these foods to be used safely, edible oils must be free from encumbrances. Our products and systems consistently remove fat spoilers and impurities from your oil and fat. While doing so, our products themselves leave no residues.

With the help of Solfina, your products are free from:
water, metals, soaps, glycerine, sterols, glycosides, plastics and waxes.

Our products can also be used for bleaching of oils and to remove turbidity.

  • Removes encumbrances
  • Bleaching of the oil
  • Removes turbidity
Biodiesel and
green diesel

Both at the beginning and the end of your manufacturing process, we can effectively support you with our products and processes. Adsorber-based magnesium silicates maximise your productivity, the quality of your raw materials and the end products and help maximise your profits.

Production processes are simplified and rendered more dynamic. We simply and effectively remove contaminants such as: water, metals, soaps, glycerine, sterols, glycosides, plastics and waxes.

By drastically reducing contaminants, you can also use cheaper alternatives (highly contaminated used oils).

You save:

Purification of your raw materials and end products in minutes without contaminated emulsions.
No need for water washing. No drying and no wastewater to treat.
No need for expensive centrifuges, dryers and large settling tanks.
Waxes for the food industry

In order to use waxes in the food industry, you must meet high standards. This applies to the wax coating for wrapping papers used in catering and snack bars or the paper used to wrap fine foods in delicatessens and elsewhere.

We simply and effectively remove contaminants such as: metals, plastics, soaps and other undesirable elements.

We are happy to advise you about the possibilities offered by our products and processes.

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