Save oil even with
high frying volumes.
Sustainable, safe.
Fry using a proven system
in hospitals and system catering

Solfina has solutions for businesses where large quantities of food are fried, that want to achieve higher quality standards while keeping costs down and operating sustainably.

Up to 70% lower oil consumption
With the aid of our Magnesol® filter pads, we remove substances that cause fats to degrade in a natural process from your fryer oil or fat and ensure that the oil or fat is always of optimal quality. The maximum TPM values laid down by the food standards authorities are no longer attained. You will no longer have to completely replace your fryer oil. By taking this simple step, your consumption of oil will be reduced by up to 70% and you will also make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.
  • Hardly any used oil or none at all
  • Strong message against food waste
Consistently optimal frying quality
Fry safely at all times thanks to consistently high oil quality. You will fry throughout the day with a very satisfactory quality of oil. Your food will not only be healthier but will also have less of the fatty taste that so often impairs the taste of fried food. There are also benefits in terms of a reduction in frying odours: your guests will no longer smell of fried food after visiting a restaurant with an open kitchen.
  • Consistently safe fried food
  • Ideal for hospitals and staff canteens
  • Reduces fatty smells
We lower your costs
By drastically reducing the amount of oil you use, your costs will naturally also be reduced. Our experience shows that you can save up to 50% of your annual frying costs. Even after making allowance for Magnesol® filter pads.
  • Minimisation of oil costs
  • The most economical way to fry
Solfina filter pads are made of cellulose and patented Magnesol®. Substances causing fats to spoil are removed as if drawn by a magnet and retained in the filter pad. Their daily use reduces oil consumption, lowers your overall costs and enhances quality. The filter pad can be removed without leaving any residue and disposed of together with household waste.
The simplest way
to save oil
  • Leaves no residue
  • 100% safe for use with food products
  • EU and FDA certified
  • Bio, vegan kosher, halal

3 simple steps to save oil

Calculate potential savings in oil.
We can help you calculate your potential savings and optimise your frying process.
Tailor-made solution
We adjust our service to the size of your business. Do you have several branches and locations? We will advise you on how consistent quality and cost savings are possible in all fryers.
We will provide you with advice and support until everything works to your utmost satisfaction.
Testimonials from our esteemed customers
‘The air quality has improved notably. Since we began using Solfina filter pads we have not received any complaints at our markets regarding bad smells.’
Matthias Smasal
Category Manager catering at Sutterlüty Ländlemarkt
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