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Solfina Filterpads with Magnesol® reduce frying oil usage daily in thousands of restaurants, hotels, bakeries, canteens, and hospitals, cutting costs, enhancing quality, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Try risk-free what thousands are already satisfied with.
With this sample set of filter pads for fryers, you have the opportunity to confidently assess the efficacy of Solfina filter pads and witness the results firsthand. Sufficient for a 14-day trial (up to 13 liters of fryer volume) or a 7-day trial (up to 25 liters of fryer volume), this set allows for comprehensive testing. Following the trial period, we will collaborate to identify your specific requirements and provide a tailored solution.
What are Solfina Filterpads?
Solfina filter pads are made of cellulose and patented Magnesol®. Substances causing fats to spoil are removed as if drawn by a magnet and retained in the filter pad. Their daily use reduces oil consumption, lowers your overall costs and enhances quality. The filter pad can be removed without leaving any residue and disposed of together with household waste.
  • minimises oil consumption
  • educing frying costs
  • enhances product quality
  • protects the environment
  • Reduces fatty smells
  • 100% safe

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  • 5 pieces of oil test strips
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‘We’ve saved so much, there’s no excuse for not using them.’
Thomas von Matt
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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you.
Anleitungsvideo Probe-Set

Solfina Filterpads are made of cellulose and patented Magnesol®, which in turn is composed of magnesium silicate. It is a safe substance commonly used in the food industry (including table salt, seasonings, and sliced cheese). The filter pad leaves no residue in your oil or fried food and is 100% food-safe.

With this Trial-Kit, you can test the Magnesol® FILTERPADS and see their effectiveness for yourself. After the test, we will work together to determine your needs and offer you the appropriate solution.

Quite the opposite. With Solfina FILTERPADS, you save money. Use our free savings calculator to find out how much you can save."

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No. You can simply dispose of the used filter pads in your household waste.