We work with oil.
And with people.
Solfina AG

Professional. With a human touch. Concentrating on the essential. These are the abiding principles of our everyday work.

It’s always about people
If you work with frying oil on a daily basis, the impression quickly arises that everything centres on oil. But that’s not quite right. We’re not focused on oil, we’re focused on people.

On the one hand there are producers, restaurateurs and managers who work with oils and fats and are keen to do so as efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably as possible. On the other hand we work on behalf of people at home and in restaurants who want to consume tasty and healthy fried food of the very highest quality.

So we work WITH OIL and FOR people, and we do so gladly, day in, day out.
und das tun wir Tag für Tag mit Freude.

The protection of the environment is something that concerns us all

With the aid of our products it has already been possible to regenerate thousands of litres of cooking oil, and even biodiesel production has become more efficient. At the same time, we continue to improve our processes and will never stop until we are sure that we have made every effort in this respect. We are proud members of the boards of:


Our customer service team
In our team you will find people who know what matters most to you. Apart from our many years of experience in the optimisation of frying processes, a few of us are also self-taught chefs and therefore have firsthand experience of working with fryers.
Peter Wicki
Manager, Customer support
‘I can hardly resist the temptation of a crisply fried Wiener schnitzel with chips.’
Michèle Tischhauser
‘For me, fluffy, delicate Berliners are the highlight. When properly fried they keep their shape and taste wonderful with coffee.’
Leonardo Campigotto
Customer support
‘Crispy and properly seasoned French fries are always a safe bet. But I’m a bit fussy. You can always tell if they’ve been fried in poor quality oil.’
Claudia Campigotto
Customer support
‘Fasnachtsküechli (pancakes) and Berliners are a must. I have and always will have a sweet tooth.’
Solfina AG wouldn’t exist without our customers
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