Best results for
the lower oil
consumption and cost.
Frying at bakeries
and butchers.

Solfina has solutions for bakeries and butchers where frying takes place and which are keen to achieve high quality standards while keeping costs low and operating sustainably.

We optimise your frying quality
With the aid of our very own two-stage filter system we are able to consistently improve the quality of frying oil or fat. During the first stage coarse particles are filtered out, the second stage is fitted with the appropriate filter medium, to catch and reduce fatty acids, polar compounds, metals and water, these are captured in the filter medium. You achieve best results over multiple batches
  • Binds fatty acids and polar compounds
  • Reduces metals and other chemical compounds
  • The authentic taste of doughnuts, beignets, food fried in breadcrumbs and similar goodies.
We minimize your oil consumption
With our patented filter media such as Magnesol® we can consistently remove elements causing fat to spoil from your oil or fat without leaving any residues. Through the natural technical process, fatty acids only build up slowly and your oil lasts much longer. You reduce your oil consumption considerably and you protect the environment, sending out a strong message against food waste.
  • Hardly any used oil or none at all
  • Strong message against food waste
Shorter downtimes
Our filter system filters 1000 litres of frying oil or frying fat per hour, thus preventing slag which causes fat to spoil from building up at the bottom of your fryer. Given that even carbonised residues cannot be reincorporated into oil, there are considerably longer intervals between cleaning operations. Your production downtimes are reduced and you save valuable resources.
  • Longer intervals between cleaning for your fryer.
  • Reduced downtimes in production
We lower your costs
We work hand in hand with our customers and have recognised the need for competitive systems capable of paying for themselves more quickly. Our systems are tailored to your business and manufactured so that they are as streamlined as possible. The permanent savings in the amount of oil consumed plus reductions in labour costs enable a quick return on investment.
  • Attractively priced systems with a fast return on investments
  • Reduced oil costs and personnel expenses
Less generation of smoke and odour emission
By reducing the saponification of the oil medium and sustainably enhancing its properties, the amount of smoke generated is considerably reduced. The high quality of the oil or fat throughout the day also has positive effects on the formation of odours: they are palpably reduced.
  • Reduced formation of smoke
  • Reduces fatty smells
The perfect combination of coarse and fine filtration enables a systematic reduction in fatty acids and other substances causing fats to degrade. When deployed flexibly, this system is capable of ensuring consistent product quality. So that the first doughnut fried tastes just like the last one and all your chips are uniformly golden-brown.
  • For fryers with 200 litre capacity or more
  • Constant fine and coarse filtration
  • Effectively binds substances causing fat and oil degradation.
For the daily filtration of frying oil and fats. In a matter of minutes, the oils and fats in a fryer are filtered , and by adding Magnesol® they are also freed from substances causing them to degrade. The design of the filter cart is safe, stable and meets all requirements of daily use.
  • Ideal for fryers up to 80 litres
  • Effectively binds substances causing fat and oil degradation.
  • Flexible and compact
Solfina filter pads are made of cellulose and patented Magnesol®. Substances causing fats to spoil are removed as if drawn by a magnet and retained in the filter pad. Their daily use reduces oil consumption, lowers your overall costs and enhances quality. The filter pad can be removed without leaving any residue and disposed of together with household waste.
The simplest way
to save oil
  • Leaves no residue
  • 100% safe for use with food products
  • EU and FDA certified
  • Bio, vegan kosher, halal
Three steps to optimised frying processes
Analysis and consultation
Our specialists analyse your current situation and advise you on how you can optimise your production with the aid of our systems and processes.
Tailor-made solution
We design your system and determine the correct filter medium. You receive a tailored solution capable of meeting all your needs.
We supply a ready to go system and provide you with support until the system operates to your utmost satisfaction. We train your staff and keep your costs low.
Testimonials from our esteemed customers
"We have been a Solfina customer for 10 years and will certainly remain one."
Raffael Schefer
CEO at Bakery Schefer AG
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