Ideal for bakeries
and butchers
Three good reasons
Significantly reduces costs
You don’t need any prior knowledge or long training sessions for your employees. You can get started right away and save oil. The amount spent on frying oil or fat will be drastically reduced.
protects the environment
No food containing essential values should be wasted. The same goes for frying oil and fat. You make your contribution to protecting the environment and send a strong message against food waste.
Best quality, every day
The maximum TPM value laid down by the food standards authorities is no longer attained; you fry each day with optimal quality. Your products are healthier and taste authentic.
in einem Durchlauf
For the daily filtration of frying oil and frying fat. 20 litres per minute throughput rate is quick and saves time. In just a few minutes the oil and fat in a fryer is filtered and by adding Magnesol® it is also regenerated. The design of the filter cart is safe, stable and meets the requirements of daily use.
  • naturally remove substances causing fats to spoil, technical process
  • filters substances causing fats to spoil (TPM, FFS)
  • for up to 80 litres
Thanks to its numerous positive characteristics, our main filter medium Magnesol® is suitable for a broad range of applications. The powder made from magnesium silicate binds substances causing fats to degrade; they are drawn to it like a magnet. The powder itself is inert and heat-resistant. It can be removed from the oil or fat without leaving any traces and can therefore be safely used with food products.
Main advantages
binds the substances that cause fats to degrade
consistently optimal oil quality
binds TPM and FFS
Reduces smoking
Reduces fatty smells
Measurable results
Ideal for the following sectors
System catering
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