The simplest way
to save oil
  • minimises oil consumption
  • educing frying costs
  • enhances product quality
  • protects the environment
  • Reduces fatty smells
  • 100% safe
Significantly reduces costs
You don’t need any prior knowledge or long training sessions for your employees. You can get started right away and save oil. The amount spent on frying oil or fat will be drastically reduced.
protects the environment
No food containing essential values should be wasted. The same goes for frying oil and fat. You make your contribution to protecting the environment and send a strong message against food waste.
Best quality, every day
The maximum TPM value laid down by the food standards authorities is no longer attained; you fry each day with optimal quality. Your products are healthier and taste authentic.
"We sell 300 kg of chips/fries in 30 minutes. Thanks to Solfina we have managed to halve the amount of oil we use and hence notably reduce costs."
Thomas Herger
Head of public catering service at Postfinance Areal, Bern, Sportgastro AG
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Your potential savings
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With Magnesol® filter pads only

You save up to each year*
* After making allowance for the filter pads. Subject to proper use of the filter pads.

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Simple to use

Inserting the filter pad
You simply place one filter pad per 10 litres under the frying basket in your fryer previously heated up to its operating temperature (170ºC).
You complete your usual work cycle with your fryer. The filter pad does its task automatically.
When the work cycle has been completed you remove the filter pad, dispose of it and insert a new one. Simple and efficient.

Ideal for use with

Fryer cleaner
With the aid of Solfina MagiClean® your fryer will be dazzlingly clean. Even stubborn fat and carbon deposits, especially in hard water areas, can be removed effortlessly.
  • Removes fat and carbon deposits
  • without leaving any residue
  • Simple and safe

Ideal for the following sectors

System catering
soup kitchens
oil manufacturers
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