The most efficient way to fry
The perfect combination of coarse and fine filtration enables a systematic reduction in fatty acids and other substances causing fats to spoil. When deployed flexibly, this system is capable of ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Constant fine and coarse filtration
  • Effectively binds substances causing fat and oil degradation.
  • For fryers with 200 litre capacity or more
filters out substances causing fats to spoil
1000 litres/hour turnover
binds metals
improves oil quality
reduces smoking
prevents saponification
drastically reduces the amount of waste oil generated
compact and flexible to use
reduces odours
Reduced to the basics
We work hand in hand with our customers and have recognised the need for competitive systems capable of paying for themselves more quickly. Our systems are tailored to your business and manufactured so that they are as streamlined as possible. The permanent savings in the amount of oil consumed plus reductions in labour costs enable a quick return on investment.
  • quick return on investment
  • flexible to use
  • customisable
Coarse filter stage
Coarse contaminants such as unused breadcrumbs, crumbs, spices, herbs, carbonised residues etc. are filtered out in the first chamber.
Fine filter stage
In the second chamber, with the aid of the filter medium Magnesol®, we efficiently filter out fatty acids, polar compounds and metals from your oil or fat.
Solfina filter system
Thanks to its numerous positive characteristics, our main filter medium Magnesol® is suitable for a broad range of applications. The powder made from magnesium silicate binds substances causing fats to degrade; they are drawn to it like a magnet. The powder itself is inert and heat-resistant. It can be removed from the oil or fat without leaving any traces and can therefore be safely used with food products.
Guaranteed functional efficiency
We don’t install systems at your production facility and then leave you alone to get on with it. We are only satisfied when the defined targets and results have been reached.
All-round hassle-free service
Our specialist calculates your actual requirements in terms of filter media and takes into account your production plans. If you prefer, we can supply you with new filters even before you run out of them. However, if you ever need a greater number of filters or have too many, it goes without saying that we can adjust the amount supplied.
Ideal for the following sectors
Food production
System catering
The right solution for your business
Select your business and go directly to the information specifically tailored to your sector.
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