Matthias Smasal
on the catering concept at Sutterlüty supermarket in Austria
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Sutterlüty Ländlemarkt

Sutterlüty is an example of how buying regionally and sustainability can be put into practice

There are a total of 26 Sutterlüty supermarkets in Vorarlberg, the most westerly federal state in Austria. 20 of these supermarkets also operate a restaurant, the Gusto, with over 120 employees. The company has specialised in buying regionally and sustainability. Matthias Smasal, head of all of the catering establishments, explains how these ideas are put into practice.

All Sutterlüty supermarkets are operated on a 100% climate-neutral basis. This requires the use of modern convection ovens, an innovative cooling recovery system and electricity generated by solar panels on the roof. The restaurant’s promise to favour regional produce is kept at breakfast, lunch and when snacks are served from the hot counter. For example, all the pasta made using eggs is produced by regional partners and even the meat products and sausages come from the enterprise’s own butcher.

The 30 – 90 seats depending on the branch are mainly visited by employees from businesses in the surrounding area during the midday breaks. The guests at Gusto expect quick yet nevertheless high-quality meals, which they can allow themselves to enjoy several times a week.


Filter pads result in savings in the amount of oil used in 18 restaurants

Sutterlüty has been using Solfina products since 2017. The initial scepticism of the two cooks in the test establishments soon changed when they saw the many advantages. Today 18 restaurants use Magnesol® filter pads and benefit from consistent frying quality with fewer oil changes, which also results in reduced workloads.

Les clients des marchés régionaux bénéficient également des tampons filtrants. « Depuis que nous avons commencé à utiliser les produits Solfina, les clients du marché ne se plaignent plus des odeurs de graisse. Autrefois, cela arrivait assez souvent », explique M. Smasal.

But Mr Smasal was not only convinced by the savings and the availability of a consistently safe product for guests. The reduction in the number of deliveries of oil and disposal are further environmental benefits. ‘Solfina, not only for these reasons, fits perfectly into our sustainability concept’.

We wish Matthias Smasal and Sutterlüty all the best!

Sutterlüty Ländlemarkt

Interview partner
Matthias Smasal, Category Manager Gastronomie

‘The air quality has improved notably. Since we began using Solfina filter pads we have not received any complaints at our markets regarding bad smells.’
Matthias Smasal
Category Manager catering at Sutterlüty Ländlemarkt
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